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Name: judy skipper
E-mail: tallarapark@cirruscomms.com.au
Date Posted: 13:19, 31 03 2013
Message: My daughter has fallin in luv with smoochin. Is he standing in 2013 and what is his fee?
Thanks Judy

Name: Rick Walters
E-mail: rwshowhorses@yahoo.com
Date Posted: 13:23, 07 03 2013
Message: Hello, is Smoochin standing and how do you do international shipping. Nice horse!

Name: Steve
E-mail: stephen_duff@bigpond.com
Date Posted: 23:52, 11 01 2013
Message: So this is how you become a SMOOCHIN fan!

Name: Whitney Phillips
E-mail: lpmasterlink@aol.com
Date Posted: 16:00, 06 01 2013
Message: Hi I was just wondering if Smoochin is going to be standing this year and if so how much is his stud fee?

Name: Kelly Cook
E-mail: kelly.cook@tafensw.edu.au
Date Posted: 14:51, 22 10 2012
Message: My 10 yr old, Cassidy attended a Youth Clinic held yesterday by Holly & Kane. I want to thank you both for being so patient & kind, donating your time to provide a wonderful opportunity for Cassidy. We have been entertaining the thought of pursuing Western Pleasure for a while, happy to say Cassidy is hooked & so enthusiastic now, has not stopped talking about & demonstrating her new skills. You were both so wonderful, a joy to watch. Kelly Cook, Glen Innes.

Name: Kerry Rollins
E-mail: rollinsk@bigpond.net.au
Date Posted: 21:45, 20 08 2012
Message: Hi there, would like to say what a beautiful horse Smoochin is.

Name: Sarah Commens
E-mail: sarah.commens@mdba.gov.au
Date Posted: 10:40, 22 07 2012
Message: Hi Holly
I just wanted to say 'congratulations' on your achievements in 2012! I saw your go round on Smoochin in the WP Futurity at NPHA. You both look absolutely amazing.
This is my first year (owning and) showing quarterhorses. I am thoroughly inspired by what I've seen, thankyou!
Sarah Commens (& Maximum Zipper)

Name: Daniela Budd
E-mail: buddd@web.de
Date Posted: 22:16, 10 07 2012
Message: Hello, im Dani from Germany. I love your Homepage and your Horses ;.)) My favorite is Smoochin. He is the Stallion for my Invitation Only Mare...;.))

Name: Jed
E-mail: ssouthcombe@agpac.co.nz
Date Posted: 19:25, 15 06 2012
Message: Hi Carolyn and Holly,
We were wondering if Jed could come over in his school holidays July 2-16ish. Would this be a possibilty?

Name: pat thompson
E-mail: pth42796@bigpond.net.au
Date Posted: 18:35, 29 05 2012
Message: Awesome website. Congrats on an awesome show seeason, capping of with the NPHA.obviouslt your hard work pays of for the clients. look forward to becoming one. cheers

Name: Priefert
E-mail: sales@priefert.com.au
Date Posted: 16:28, 30 04 2012
Message: Great site.........love Smoochin!

Name: Joanne Ellis
E-mail: jo.gealda@bigpond.com
Date Posted: 20:48, 25 04 2012
Message: hi Carolyn and family, love smoochin, just getting into western pleasure horses, love the web site. Jo

Name: Brian Bernays
E-mail: brian@ccctamworth.org
Date Posted: 14:57, 20 04 2012
Message: hi from the AELEC Chaplain...great outfit you have going on.....will try to catch up soon.

Name: s.sparks
E-mail: bizzarohorses@hotmail.com
Date Posted: 15:42, 12 04 2012
Message: Soooo Miss you both, xxss

Name: joanne russell
E-mail: joannerussell1001@yahoo.com.au
Date Posted: 16:55, 11 01 2012
Message: Hi Carolyn..Joanne Wallace saying hi to you from Townsville...caught up with Tony and family and met Holly too, at New Year and thought I would look you up and say Hi and hope to see you in Tamworth one day.

Name: Amy
E-mail: aussie_rider_2003@yahoo.com.au
Date Posted: 20:18, 05 01 2012
Message: Hi, Just wondering if you take on Appaloosas? I am after a trainer to assist me with my appaloosa gelding. Mostly to give me tips and pointers. Thought of you guys as you are reletively close, however, was unsure. Cheers Amy

Name: Barbara Schleppi
E-mail: quarter.horses@bigpond.com
Date Posted: 11:21, 26 11 2011
Message: Was lovely talking to you Carolyn :-)
Love your new boy and am looking foward breeding to him.
Talk soon.....

Name: amanda akhurst
E-mail: darrenakhurst@bigpond.com
Date Posted: 18:00, 14 09 2011
Message: we've heard lots of good things about you and we were just wondering what your rates are. Our interests are in hunter and western pleasure disciplines.

Name: Tania
E-mail: tania.gregg@hotmail.com
Date Posted: 20:49, 02 08 2011
Message: love the website, very impressive, what are your training rates. i have a trained gelding thats needs some tuneing

Name: Katrina Williams
E-mail: katbellaandbeth@gmail.com
Date Posted: 14:10, 27 06 2011
Message: What a beautiful web site, congratulations on smooching, have heard wonderful things, and just watch the YouTube after a quick search he is Devine, all the very best for the future, cannot wait to breed my Mare when his book is opened.

Name: Troy Dimmitt
E-mail: ttdd12@yahoo.com
Date Posted: 03:21, 16 06 2011
Message: Nice site..sent you an email about your mare...look forward to hearing from you. Great job..

Name: Shellie
Date Posted: 14:35, 02 05 2011
Message: Your website is so awesome :)

Name: Deborah Fulwood
E-mail: dfulwood@westnet.com.au
Date Posted: 10:32, 12 04 2011
Message: Fantastic website! Could you give me your training rates please. I have a 3yr filly who needs refinement before the next show season. Hoping you could take her June/July. Thanks.

Name: Debra Nisbet
E-mail: jdnisbetsnook@hotmail.com
Date Posted: 23:26, 24 03 2011
Message: Congratulations on your wonderful website. Great pics and what a wonderful roan Smoochin. Look forward to seeing all your wonderful successes in the future. How lucky are you to have Kane on your team. Good luck to all.

Name: Graham & Michele Crawford
E-mail: hotkrymsun@yahoo.com.au
Date Posted: 16:05, 04 03 2011
Message: Fantastic website.... and what a gorgeous colt,could not take my eyes off him at Summer Sizzler. All the best, he is a very special horse.

Name: Little Acres Paint Stud
E-mail: wrangler_girl_25@hotmail.com
Date Posted: 21:40, 03 02 2011
Message: great website, just wondering what your breaking and training rates are???

Name: Julie Gibb
E-mail: bellegladeqh@yahoo.com
Date Posted: 21:10, 01 02 2011
Message: Sensational! Love the photos, will be looking forward to the debut of your lovely boy...well done!! Cheers.

Name: Rebecca Johnson
E-mail: rebeccajohnson02@hotmail.com
Date Posted: 19:50, 06 01 2011
Message: Great website, will be in touch when my HF Somethin Hot filly is a bit older as Smoochin is my fav stallion to put her to. Then we can have some Smoochin babies over in NZ :)

Name: Sue Fornasier
E-mail: aschv@bigpond.com
Date Posted: 14:44, 24 12 2010
Message: Thanks for all your help with Pebs and I. Great website! Can't wait to see Smoochin compete soon. Wishing you all a fantastic Christmas and all the best for 2011.

Name: Deborah Allen
E-mail: yarragonnaggs@yahoo.com.au
Date Posted: 11:04, 22 12 2010
Message: Love your website. Impressed with your training and showing professionalism, shame you are so far away I have a green 3 year old that needs help. Cheers.

Name: Sophie Petersen
E-mail: walkuminqh@hotmail.com
Date Posted: 14:24, 29 11 2010
Message: Beautiful website, Smoochin is a stunning boy! Has very smooth flowing movement cant wait to see him in the show ring under saddle! Best of luck :)

Name: Kerry Neilsen
E-mail: adorabelle@bigpond.com.au
Date Posted: 10:40, 22 11 2010
Message: Love the website, love smoochin, can't wait to breed my girl to him in the future.......

Name: Belinda & Glenn Geissler
Date Posted: 09:37, 21 11 2010
Message: Great site guys and a lovely collection of photos. Really enjoyable to look through. Looking forward to seeing Smoochin out and about soon :)

Name: Phillip Henderson
E-mail: whats_new_phrs@hotmail.com
Date Posted: 12:38, 05 11 2010
Message: Very nice site!! love the new boy cant wait to see him in the show pen, congrates and keep up the great stuff. Phil

Name: Chris Gregory
E-mail: cgregory11@hotmail.com
Date Posted: 22:13, 04 11 2010
Message: great site guys! Very professional. I got to see Shirleys horses when I was at the Reichert, if i had only known to watch Smoochin's sister in the pen i would have payed more attention!! can't wait to see him in the flesh. chris

Name: Jordan and Paul Johnson
E-mail: sctjordo@bigpond.com
Date Posted: 21:13, 29 09 2010
Message: Awesome Website it has the "wow" Facture that's for sure. Thankyou for showing our horse at his first show 2 events 2 wins. Looking forward to breeding to smoochin in the future. cheers jordan

Name: Reece Burchell
E-mail: ultimatepaints@bigpond.com
Date Posted: 09:41, 18 09 2010
Message: Well done guys. This site looks amazing! But,I would expect nothing less from the most professional and dedicated people in the industry!
you guys are truly awesome!!!

Name: Craig Rath
E-mail: Craig.rath@dpi.vic.gov.au
Date Posted: 22:46, 11 09 2010
Message: What an excellent website! Congrats on such an awesome season you have all had, including your amateurs and youth as well! All the best for the coming season and I wish you every success with the new addition, he is magnificent, cheers craig

Name: Holly Marshall
E-mail: i_am1qt@hotmail.com
Date Posted: 22:19, 11 09 2010
Message: What a lovely website and gr8 photos, All the best for what 2011 holds for you guys.. Luv always Holly and Matt

Name: Kym Clarke
E-mail: piggywoman61@hotmail.com
Date Posted: 10:09, 09 09 2010
Message: I thought I would comment on your trainer, Kane Skopp! He is very handsome. Could I have his phone number????

Name: Renae Villa
E-mail: tyrone1@activ8.net.au
Date Posted: 23:29, 08 09 2010
Message: What a lovely website. I really enjoyed browsing through. Easy to navigate and great pics. Just love 'Smoochin', he is gorgeous!! All the very best!

Name: Debbie Cuthbertson
E-mail: umakemyheartsing@bigpond.com
Date Posted: 12:02, 07 09 2010
Message: Congratulations on the website, great to see all that's been, looking forward to the year ahead and to see what's in the future. Congratulations and all the best with your beautiful new colt Smoochin.

Name: Barbara Wheatcroft
E-mail: a121980@aapt.net.au
Date Posted: 23:23, 05 09 2010
Message: beautiful website and can not wait to see the Awesome Smoochin in 2011

Name: Janeen
E-mail: janeenmcrobert@hotmail.com
Date Posted: 12:02, 03 09 2010
Message: WOW, what a lovely webpage & so well presented. Congratulations on all your achievements.

Name: Cassandra Huyshe
E-mail: chuyshe@bigpond.com.au
Date Posted: 12:17, 01 09 2010
Message: I love your website ! And we are so proud to be a part of it - you all excel in everything you do & deserve a big pat on the back. Can't wait to see Smoochin lopin down the rail next year.

Name: Jane Stone
E-mail: jpl_stone@harboursat.com.ai
Date Posted: 18:42, 30 08 2010
Message: What a lovely new horse you have(Smoochin)i can see he will be something very special .Love you web site Jane in Tasmania

Name: Angela
E-mail: angelafreeman13@bigpond.com
Date Posted: 21:22, 27 08 2010
Message: Awesome... You deserve all the success past and future! Can't wait for the new show year.

Name: Yvonne Wearn
E-mail: y_wearn@bigpond.com
Date Posted: 16:21, 27 08 2010
Message: Lovely website, best of luck with your new Colt.

Name: Zoe Hoopert
E-mail: zoehoopert@hotmail.com
Date Posted: 23:08, 26 08 2010
Message: Absolutely love the website! Beautiful! Congrats to Mel as well. Is the epitomy of Carolyn and Holly.....like your new stallion and love his breeding. So glad he has 'fat' decent conformation, not like some of the pleasure stallions in this country!

Name: karen freeman
E-mail: itskaren@iprimus.com.au
Date Posted: 17:48, 26 08 2010
Message: WOW......Lovely website, love the pictures of your property, just as lovely as real life. Best of luck with the gorgeous Smoochin, he looks so special, cannot wait to see him.

Name: Helen & Emma Moran
E-mail: helen2@ipstarmail.com.au
Date Posted: 17:05, 26 08 2010
Message: Absolutely love your new web site and Smoochin!

Name: BlueJ pleasure horses
E-mail: scambo@live.com.au
Date Posted: 16:48, 26 08 2010
Message: Fantastic website, congrats on your great results this year as well as the arrival of your future superstar "Smoochin" goodluck for 2011.
Cheers, Justin Sprigg & Kathy Griff.

Name: Trishie
Date Posted: 15:31, 26 08 2010
Message: Loooove it

Name: Tayla Fellows
Date Posted: 12:05, 26 08 2010
Message: Wow, amazing website, it looks great! Smoochin is magnificent, love him! Congratulations on an amazing show season, was great to watch your horses in Sydney. Good luck for 2011!

Name: Kim McTaggart
E-mail: rosewood.ranch@bigpond.com
Date Posted: 11:15, 26 08 2010
Message: Fantastic web site, glad you are both doing so well, love the photos, makes me miss the whole showing thing

Name: Chris & Dennis
E-mail: cdpaints@tpg.com.au
Date Posted: 10:23, 26 08 2010
Message: Congratulations you guys ! Great site & excellent results. Well done!

Name: Pam & Wayne Jones
E-mail: wayne-pam.jones2@bigpond.com
Date Posted: 09:51, 26 08 2010
Message: Hi, great website and congratulations on your purchase of Smoochin Cheers.

Name: Renee Ryan
E-mail: reneery4n@hotmail.com
Date Posted: 08:17, 26 08 2010
Message: Fantastic Website. So many great photos! Cant wait to see smoochin!!!

Name: The Drought Family
E-mail: hayley_drought@yahoo.com.au
Date Posted: 08:04, 26 08 2010
Message: Website looks awesome guys. Well Done. Congratulations on your many successes and good luck in the future! Cant wait to see you guys aboard our newest addition in 2012! Good luck in 2011!

Name: Simone
E-mail: kmphs@tpg.com.au
Date Posted: 07:13, 26 08 2010
Message: wow great site Congrats

Name: Leanne Owens
E-mail: lea_owens@hotmail.com
Date Posted: 06:48, 26 08 2010
Message: The website looks brilliant. Congratulations on everything! I love the videos of Smoochin and his dam - he's a great addition to breedng out here.

Name: Kristin Carroll
E-mail: cashregisterhire@gmail.com
Date Posted: 06:13, 26 08 2010
Message: Love the website! Congratulations on a stellar show season!

Name: sharon currie
E-mail: jjupp@amnet.net.au
Date Posted: 22:48, 25 08 2010
Message: awesome year for you guys and awesome site to match. was great seeing you in action at this years NPHA. well done and good luck for the coming season :-)

Name: Leanne Bartlett
Date Posted: 21:33, 25 08 2010
Message: Congratulations on an AWESOME year, a stunning website and I cant wait to see Smoochin in the flesh. Well done and keep up the good work. Take care and good luck for 2011.

Name: Ralph Dunn
E-mail: arenavoice@hotmail.com
Date Posted: 20:47, 25 08 2010
Message: "WELL DONE" to the whole team. See you at the big shows in "2011". I am looking forward to seeing "SMOOCHIN"
in the flesh !!!!!

Name: Ruby Macarthur
E-mail: Barneyluv@live.com
Date Posted: 20:25, 25 08 2010
Message: WOW!! looks great guys!!
Smoochin is soooo pretty! :)

Name: Nicole Wilson
E-mail: nicole1@bmail.com.au
Date Posted: 20:24, 25 08 2010
Message: Hi Guys, The website looks great. Congratulations on a great 2009/2010 show season. The 3 of you make an awesome team. Best of luck for the 2010/2011 show season. Keep up the awesome work. Cheers!

Name: Nikki Morgan
E-mail: morgys@harboursat.com.au
Date Posted: 20:22, 25 08 2010
Message: LOVE IT!!! Every thing looks awsome.
You Guys should be very proud of yourselves

Name: ash
E-mail: ash_ernst@hotmail.com
Date Posted: 20:17, 25 08 2010
Message: What a beautiful website!!! Congratulations on all the wins! can't wait to see Smoochin in action! <3

Name: Joy Conn
E-mail: joy64@bigpond.com
Date Posted: 20:13, 25 08 2010
Message: Hey, Great site. Love it. Congratulations on all your achievements. Cheers

Name: Sharon Adams
E-mail: sharadam@bigpond.com
Date Posted: 19:46, 25 08 2010
Message: Hi Guys,
Just had a look at your amazing web site. I love it. Congrats on all your successes so far and I look forward to keeping up to date with the web site.

Name: Kerry Blackaller
Date Posted: 19:15, 25 08 2010
Message: Absolutely awesome website.
Congratulations to you, and all the very best for the new show season.

Name: Tracie Casotti
Date Posted: 18:32, 25 08 2010
Message: Love the website! Congratulations, can't wait for the upcoming season!

Name: Brianna Gibson
Date Posted: 18:27, 25 08 2010
Message: WOW the website looks awesome!! congrats on a great year..you always do an awesome job with your horses and both you and the horses always looks absolutely amazing together!!! Good luck for next season :)

Name: Phoebe Caruso
Date Posted: 18:09, 25 08 2010
Message: Wow, Smoochin looks awesome in the video. Can't wait to see him under saddle. Congrats!

Name: chapman family
Date Posted: 18:03, 25 08 2010
Message: wow website looks awesome, what a team hey!! all the best with everything to come in the future. don't know what the industry would do with out you guys.
love the chapman family

Name: David Pearce --Cavallino Estate--
Date Posted: 14:19, 25 08 2010
Message: Congratulations to you all on a stunning web site. It was a pleasure watching your horse's throughout the 2010 season with all your success.
Good luck with your new boy SMOOCHIN...!

Name: Desarae Sim
Date Posted: 13:00, 24 08 2010
Message: Firstly...Oh La la!!! I think professional elegance and stunning sums the web site up!!! Looks great guys.
All of you have had a great past season, and cheers to another one coming up.
I love the new website. So? So? So you!! ;)

Name: Sherree & Danny Skopp
Date Posted: 10:06, 21 08 2010
Message: Congratulations on all your achievements. Keep up the good work and all the best for the future. Look forward to visiting again soon!

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